Keep Moving this Movember!

In the spirit of men’s health month, I thought I would blog to the men out there like me who think they’re still in their twenties and want to conquer the court!

I just turned 45 and my body is well aware of how old it is – even if my mind isn’t. More preparation is required to play tennis and basketball, and much more recovery!  Thinking about injury prevention could not be more important, especially with a full time job. (Teenagers, you have it made.)

Gentleman, think out of the box a little and prepare yourself for the aches, pains and stiffness of middle age. Consider yoga, as I have done, to increase flexibility and core strength to prepare yourself for the average day and the weekend of sports with the boys. Hot yoga especially keeps your muscles warm and flexible while getting an excellent cardio workout.

Simple injures like a hamstring strain or ankle sprain can take weeks to recover from now that we are climbing the hill (notice I didn’t say over it). Weight training, yoga and core work can go a long way towards keeping you on the court and not feeling like an old man!