West Palm Beach doctor performs innovative limb-lengthening surgery using internal device

Dr. Dror Paley was featured on WPTV NewsChannel 5 for being the first surgeon in the world to perform a new procedure utilizing the new PRECICE Plate Implant remote-controlled limb lengthening device. Dr. Paley performed the procedure on a four-year-old girl with a leg deformity who other doctors told her parents amputation was their only option. Dr. Paley says the implant and surgical technique take the place of commonly-used external fixations, which are cage-like devices mounted on the outside of the leg. Paley says because of its placement on the surface of the bone, it doesn’t interrupt the growth plates, which is especially important when treating younger, growing pediatric patients. The girl’s dad says they couldn’t be happier with the results; just days after the procedure his little girl was already back to being active and playing with her siblings.

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