Dr. Jonathan Hersch is now using an innovative GPS technology for guided personalized shoulder replacement surgeries

Mar 8, 2021

Orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Jonathan Hersch, MD, FAAOS with Palm Beach Health Network Physician Groups and West Boca Medical Center in Boca Raton is now specializing in the new ExactTechGPS® Shoulder Application, a preoperative surgery planning tool. Dr. Hersch is using this technology as a tool to create guided personalized surgery for shoulder replacements. Similar to a GPS navigation device in a vehicle, this shoulder procedure platform gives the surgeon a visual map of the patient’s shoulder joint on a high-definition (HD) screen. This allows the shoulder specialist to combine their preoperative planning with intraoperative computer-assisted technology. Dr. Hersch said this helps to perform implant alignment relative to the patient’s needs.

“This is the latest advancement in technology providing surgeons with real-time visual guidance and alignment data in total shoulder surgery. The precision and accuracy is unparalleled,” said Dr. Hersch.

Dr. Hersch is now using this preoperative planning tool to plan cases based on a 3D anatomical model built during a patient’s visit to his office prior to surgery, thus allowing him to make any adjustments needed prior to the procedure.

For more information visit: HerschMD.com.