Can new technology make knee replacement surgery less painful?

Dec 5, 2021

The CORI System Allows For Surgery That’s More Precise And Personalized Than Ever Before.

Sometimes knee pain starts small. You hope that maybe it’s temporary and will go away with a little rest and maybe an ice bag or two. Over time, as it turns out not to be temporary after all, you may find yourself avoiding the activities you previously enjoyed — maybe playing pickleball or golf, running around with your children or grandchildren or going for long walks. Sometimes even short trips to the store or walking around your home can become so painful that you start to avoid moving much at all. When you go to see your doctor and knee replacement enters the conversation, it can be intimidating or just plain scary. It’s a major surgery, but the more informed you are about the latest technologies, the less nervous you may feel.

At West Boca Medical Center, Dr. David Padden is an orthopedic surgeon with over three decades of experience. In fact, he was a pioneer in the field of robotic joint replacement. Deeply knowledgeable of many medical technologies, he’s enthusiastic about the benefits of the CORI robotic-assisted knee surgery. Read the entire article featuring Dr. David Padden ➨