Sidelined Podcast - Ep. 3 | Stroke, Cerebral Aneurysm and Brain Hemorrhage

In this episode of Sidelined we talk with interventional neurologist Dr. Dennys Reyes. We delve into the signs, symptoms and treatment of stroke, cerebral aneurysm and brain hemorrhage in reference to a trio of stories in professional sports involving neurological ailments. Less than two-years ago, it was widely reported the fastest man ever in the 200 and 400 meters, U.S. Olympic athlete Michael Johnson, suffered a transient ischemic attack or mini stroke. Unfortunately, last year former MMA fighter Katy Collins passed away from a cerebral aneurysm at the age of only 32-years-old and it’s reported former National Basketball Association (NBA) commissioner, David Stern, died on Jan. 1 of a brain hemorrhage he suffered in December of last year.