Dr. Rahul Aggarwal Featured in an Article – Anger-Related Atrial Fibrillation Is Real — Beta Blockers Can Help

Anger and stress can lead to atrial fibrillation — a quivering or irregular heartbeat that can lead to heart failure and other serious cardiovascular problems. There’s even a term for the condition: emotion-triggered atrial fibrillation. “In some ways this confirms what we’ve suspected,” Dr. Rahul Aggarwal, an interventional cardiologist with Palm Beach Health Network Physician Groups, told Healthline. “We’ve always had a hunch that stress causes AFib and we know that beta blockers reduce the stress response.” In fact, Aggarwal said that patients who come to the emergency room with stress-related AFib are often treated with intravenous beta blockers, which can sometimes shut down the episode. “We’ve been doing that for decades,” he said.

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