Dr. Arif Dalvi was featured in an article discussing ways to keep the brain sharp

Dr. Arif Dalvi shared a variety of things people can do to keep their brain sharp as they age for an article in Livestrong.com, a healthier lifestyle website. “The more connections in the network of the brain, the more intelligent and powerful it is,” adds Arif Dalvi, MD, MBA, a neurologist at the Palm Beach Neuroscience Institute and director of the Memory Disorders Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

More brain connections, he says, means more resistance to the diseases of aging, such as Alzheimer’s disease. “Exercise is the key to both physical and mental health as the body ages,” Dr. Dalvi says. Staying active improves blood flow to the brain — just like it does to other areas of the body — which supports healthy brain cells. As we get older, he explains, an area of the brain called the hippocampus often shrinks. “Aerobic exercise has been shown to be associated with larger hippocampal size, as well as improving scores on memory testing.”

When it comes to foods to limit, considering cutting back on foods and drinks that are high in sugar, Dr. Dalvi says. The resulting crash after a sugar rush might lead to brain fog and fatigue, he says.
In the article, Dr. Dalvi also recommends social engagement with family and friends, writing in a journal and obtaining quality sleep, as ways to help brain neurons make new connections.

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