Dr. Eric Lieberman explained the importance of seeking care quickly at the first sign of any type of heart ailment

Dr. Eric Lieberman was interviewed about the many different symptoms of heart attacks and why not to delay heart care or cardiac testing. “The only way to know is to get in and get taken care of through an electrocardiogram and let’s see what’s going on, do some blood test and make a determination,” said Dr. Eric Lieberman, the regional medical director of cardiology at Delray Medical Center. Furthermore, he added, it doesn’t matter whether it’s small or large heart attack, both could be life threatening. “Even a small heart attack can cause electrical instability, which can suddenly leads to someone’s death,” Lieberman said. The decrease has become a topic of discussion among cardiologists across the nation and world. A study in the American College of Cardiology journal described similar situations at nine medical centers that saw a 38 percent reduction in visits during COVID-19, Lieberman said. “Those heart attacks weren’t going away. They were there. Patients just weren’t coming in,” he said, adding that, “time is muscle” or everything, for someone suffering a heart attack. “The quicker we get to you, the quicker we open up the blockage that’s causing the heart attack, the more muscle we save, the smaller the heart attack,” he said.

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