Arthel’s Story

As Arthel Sweet learned firsthand, a stroke can happen at any moment. For about a month leading up to his stroke, he experienced a constant headache, dizziness and sometimes had trouble walking. Against his better judgment, Arthel ignored the warning signs and continued his daily routines.

“I don’t remember much from the day of the actual stroke, but I do remember that I was talking on the phone and all of a sudden my head felt heavy, like it was full of water,” he recalls.

Arthel’s stepdaughter noticed something was wrong and immediately called 911. The paramedics transported him to Florida Medical Center. As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, the hospital is equipped with the expertise and technology designed to rapidly diagnose and treat stroke patients.

Arthel underwent various tests, which revealed a blood clot in his brain. Dr. Nils Mueller, an interventional neurologist on the hospital’s medical staff, performed a thrombectomy to remove the clot. Once Arthel regained consciousness four days later, the medical staff was relieved to see that the stroke didn’t cause any long-term damage.

“Dr. Mueller told me he was surprised I was able to speak and react so quickly after my stroke because most people either don’t speak again or have worse outcomes,” says Arthel.

To help maintain his health and prevent another stroke, he follows an exercise regimen, eats a strict diet and takes medication. However, if he does suffer another stroke, Arthel is now aware of the warning signs and how important it is to seek medical attention immediately.

“God helped me overcome this experience, and I thank Him everyday,” he says. “I am also eternally grateful for the stroke team at Florida Medical Center for giving me the opportunity to walk out of the hospital and live a normal life.”

Source: Florida Medical Center