Christopher’s Story

Christopher Hague, Retired Airline Pilot, Jupiter Resident.

During the beginning of summer I noticed I occasionally had a high heart rate when working out. It seemed like I was having sporadic heart issues which motivated me to make an appointment with a cardiologist, Dr. Rahul Aggarwal. Dr. Aggarwal, located in Jupiter, put me on a heart monitor and diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation (AFib) and tachycardia, an abnormal electric impulse inside of my heart’s chambers.

Dr. Aggarwal said I’d be a good candidate for cardiac ablation and referred me to Dr. Matthew Klein, a cardiac electrophysiologist in Palm Beach Gardens. Dr. Klein performed the procedure at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center in the morning, I stayed the night and was released at noon the next day. I had no discomfort or pain. I was sedated, and when I woke up Dr. Klein was there. He told me everything was alright and the procedure went well.  

Dr. Klein tells you what he’s going to be doing and if you have any questions, he doesn’t hesitate to answer them. I really like that he stays with you until all of your questions are answered.

Today, I have no heart issues. I’m really glad I followed-up on my heart ailment with Dr. Aggarwal and Dr. Klein. At my three-month check-up, Dr. Klein took me off of all the medications I was on. Dr. Klein wanted me to stay out of the gym for one week after my AFib procedure, and now I’m back to my regular routine. Four years ago, I started an exercise regimen, five days a week, 45 minutes a day on the elliptical and light weights. My hobby is riding motorcycles and I am glad to say I’m back to riding again.

Today, I feel great! I actually listened to the doctors and lost some weight, I’m exercising and I probably feel better than I did in my late 40s.