Merle’s Story

Merle Wilson, a Boca Raton Resident, is Back to Wearing Capris, Walking Her Dogs and Going to the Beach After Vein Closure Procedures by Dr. Joseph Ricotta.

I was tired, my legs and feet were swelling, and I couldn’t fit into my shoes. I had all my friends doing research to try and find out what was causing the swelling. My friend from Georgia knew of Dr. Joseph Ricotta when he ran a vascular institute there. She had great things to say about him. I googled “Dr. Ricotta, vascular surgeon” and found his resume online. I was very impressed. It turned out Dr. Ricotta had relocated to Florida and opened an office in Delray Beach.

When I called Dr. Ricotta’s office, the staff was very polite. I was able to get an appointment fairly quickly. Before Dr. Ricotta and I talked, I didn’t know what was going on with my legs and feet. Dr. Ricotta explained two veins in one leg and one in the other were not working properly, causing blood to pool in the bottom of my legs.

Dr. Ricotta is friendly and calm. He explains everything in detail and he told me of the alternatives. One way of treating this is to have surgery, with anesthesia, which would require being in the hospital for a few days, followed by rehabilitation. Dr. Ricotta said another option is the VenaSeal™ Closure System, which he uses along with a medical adhesive to glue the leaky vein shut. This type of vein closure is done right in Dr. Ricotta’s office in Delray Beach. I chose the VenaSeal procedure.

During my treatment, Dr. Ricotta was able to seal my veins and prevent any more blood from leaking out of my veins. My entire procedure took about an hour. Most of that time was for the ultrasounds on my legs, which were performed by a technician. The ultrasounds were performed to find out where in my leg the veins were leaking. Then, Dr. Ricotta performed the procedures via a small catheter inserted into each vein. A little bit of lidocaine topical jelly was applied to my legs just to make sure I wouldn’t feel any pain. The procedure was absolutely painless and I was awake the entire time. Afterward, I was able to leave the office with no down time. Right away, I was able to walk for long distances much easier.

Before having this treatment performed by Dr. Ricotta, my legs were swollen and full of fluid. I wasn’t able to wear shorts or capris because of the compression hose, which I rarely took off, except for when I needed to shower or sleep. It was also hard to go to the beach because the hose would get very messy and sandy.

Today, my legs feel lighter and I can walk better. My friends and family are happy for me. I’m able to wear shorts and capris because my legs look much better. I am able to walk my two dogs a few times a day and going to the beach is much easier.

Today, my legs feel good and they look good too.

*** This testimonial reflects the experience and outcome of this patient. Actual results will vary. ***

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