Walter’s Story

Walter Forest, Retired, Jupiter Resident

I could feel my heart go in and out of rhythm. The best way to describe my atrial fibrillation (AFib) episodes were the feeling of becoming very winded while doing something I felt was very minor, like walking up and down the road. I was diagnosed with AFib and I was willing to try anything to get rid of it. I was referred to Dr. Matthew Klein, a cardiac electrophysiologist, who informed me at his office in Palm Beach Gardens, that he had an impressive, minimally invasive hybrid procedure to treat my condition.

My convergent procedure was performed at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. During this new, groundbreaking AFib treatment, Dr. Klein used a cardiac catheter which was inserted into my groin to reach into my chest to fix the inside of my heart. Just a few hours later, a cardiothoracic surgeon operated on the outside of my heart using a minimally invasive method.

The convergent procedure worked perfectly to end my AFib and I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from an irregular heartbeat. I would suggest having this done first, if at all possible, before having all the other AFib treatments done, like a cardiac ablation or cardioversion. My convergent procedure completed by Dr. Klein was done on a Wednesday, and I went home on a Friday. I really thought I could have gone home the next day. In fact, about six hours after I was telling everyone – let’s go home!

I was very impressed with Dr. Klein. I couldn’t be happier and thrilled with the top-notch care I received. I thought Dr. Klein and his staff was excellent. In fact, I would recommend him to anyone. He would be the first name that would come to my mind – he’s very friendly, very warm and caring. Dr. Klein explains everything to you. I was treated like a real patient but I felt more like a friend of his. I have been to his office in Palm Beach Gardens a couple of times now. He has a very nice office staff.

Today, I feel fantastic! I have no problem walking and I’m not getting winded. I go to the gym every day. I rode the bike for five miles with no issues. I’m back to enjoying my Town of Jupiter for all the reasons I came down here for on a vacation – I stayed here in Jupiter because I loved it and have made many really great friends. I really enjoy catch and release fishing in the freshwater lakes all around my neighborhood. My AFib was caught by Dr. Klein and he released my irregular heartbeat so I can get back to all the things I enjoy in life.