Diane’s Story

Dr. Ricotta Quickly Discovered That I Had a Blood Clot in My Leg and Offered a New Technology, the Tack Endovascular System Implant Which He Used to Repair a Tear in the Inside Lining of One of My Leg’s Blood Vessels. Using This Minimal Repair Device, Dr. Ricotta Was Able to Provide Treatment in-turn Healing My Leg Ailment. Thanks to Dr. Ricotta and His Help Fixing My Leg Pain Problem I Am Able to Get My Life Together and Do Things Naturally Again.

My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Joseph Ricotta for a leg ailment I was suffering from due to blockages in my legs. At the time, I had been recovering from open-heart surgery and started to experience severe pain in my right leg while doing my prescribed exercises. I had to discontinue therapy due to this extreme pain in my leg. Dr. Ricotta quickly discovered that I had a blood clot in my leg and offered a new technology, the Tack Endovascular System implant which he used to repair a tear in the inside lining of one of my leg’s blood vessels. Using this minimal repair device, Dr. Ricotta was able to provide treatment in-turn healing my leg ailment.

Prior to Dr. Ricotta performing this procedure, my foot and knee were bothering me and I am happy to say that pain has subsided. It is scary to assume but had the plaque and blood clot in my right leg had not been treated my artery could have completely closed off. I could have lost my leg. Dr. Ricotta cleaned out the blockages in my leg and I was on my way to recovery.

Prior to my procedure when I first met Dr. Ricotta at his Delray Beach office, I immediately noticed something familiar about his last name. I asked Dr. Ricotta if he had any connection to anyone in Buffalo, New York, and he told me how his grandfather, Dr. Joseph Ricotta was a doctor in Buffalo. I told Dr. Ricotta, ‘your grandfather delivered two of my babies, my daughter, Joelle and my son, Carl.’ Dr. Ricotta’s grandfather ran a very professional medical practice out of his home with a very organized office thanks to his grandmother who took care of all the clerical and administrative duties. His grandparents were very nice people just as Dr. Ricotta is with his patients.

I think very highly of Dr. Joseph Ricotta because he was very concerned about my leg but he also gave me confidence because he knew exactly what he was doing to fix my problem. He was able to relieve my severe pain and get me out of the hospital. It was a tough situation for me and Dr. Ricotta quickly took care of it. I am happy with the result thanks to Dr. Ricotta.

I had the Tack Endovascular System implant procedure with Dr. Ricotta at his office-based laboratory (IBL), which is a very nice, convenient venue with a wonderful staff. Dr. Ricotta’s staff knew I was a little nervous due to my upcoming procedure so they helped me be at ease by being delightful, taking the time to answer all of my questions and being very attentive to me. Just a few hours after Dr. Ricotta finished the procedure, I got my discharge papers and was able to return home. Today, I am able to walk effortlessly without pain. In addition, I am looking forward to getting back on my stationary bike as well as starting some light walking outside. Thanks to Dr. Ricotta and his help fixing my leg pain problem I am able to get my life together and do things naturally again.

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