Harold’s Story

My Wife Sue, My Son Dave and I Are Really Appreciative of Dr. Ricotta’s Care and Grateful to Have a Vascular Surgeon of Dr. Ricotta’s Expertise and Experience Right Here in Our Community.

While visiting our North Carolina home my primary care doctor discovered I had a blockage in one of the carotid arteries in my neck. Upon returning to our home in Boca Raton, my son Dave Aronberg, the State Attorney for Palm Beach County, saw an article in the newspaper featuring Dr. Joseph Ricotta and a new minimally-invasive carotid artery treatment he brought to South Florida. The article pointed out that some carotid artery blockages may not require open surgery to treat this type of ailment, but, rather a minimally-invasive treatment through the patient’s arteries. A friend of mine, who’s active with Delray Medical Center, also recommended Dr. Ricotta. I made an appointment with Dr. Ricotta and he said he would monitor the blockage first, watchful waiting, if you will, to see if the blockage increased.

As soon as I met with Dr. Ricotta I had total confidence in his plan for my care. After follow-up appointments over the next year, the blockage increased; Dr. Ricotta said that it was time to schedule a procedure for the carotid artery blockage. It was important to have my carotid artery ailment taken care of because if left untreated, it would have caused me to have a stroke. Dr. Ricotta was conservative with his initial approach while the artery blockage was still safe, but maintained a close eye on the situation. When it climbed higher, Dr. Ricotta was very quick and straight forward in explaining the need for a TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) procedure.

I had the TCAR operation at Delray Medical Center and was presently surprised to experience no pain or discomfort before, during or after the procedure. It’s more discomforting having your teeth cleaned than having this TCAR operation. I was admitted to the hospital, Dr. Ricotta performed the procedure, I stayed overnight and then he discharged me the next day.

The TCAR operation Dr. Ricotta performed was very quick; he was able to perform it in around 30-minutes. He called my wife Sue immediately afterwards because at the time the procedure was performed only patients were allowed in the hospital. Dr. Ricotta took the time to call my wife and explain my outcome and prognosis. Dr. Ricotta has a very warm demeanor and goes above and beyond for his patients.

I did have this procedure during the COVID-19 Pandemic but Dr. Ricotta and his Tenet Florida Cardiovascular Care office staff informed me of all the safety protocols in place as safeguards against the virus in both the Delray Beach office and the hospital. At Delray Medical Center, the staff there did a very good job protecting me and the process was very organized including a special entrance for patients having procedures. I had the entire carotid artery testing needed to evaluate the blood flow to the artery before my procedure a well as afterward at Dr. Ricotta’s office, and their many safety protocols to keep patients safe from the virus, were evident there too.

Today, I’m feeling great and back to playing golf. My wife Sue, my son Dave and I are really appreciative of Dr. Ricotta’s care and grateful to have a vascular surgeon of Dr. Ricotta’s expertise and experience right here in our community.

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