John’s Story

Dr. Hersch’s Quick Scheduling Was Critical to My Care Because There is a Time Frame That You Need to Repair the Bicep Tendon.

I was competing in a Spartan Race doing an obstacle called the “twister,” which involves supporting all of your weight on one arm momentarily. As I was swinging back and forth in mid-air, switching hands and grabbing the next handle, similar to the monkey bars, my bicep popped with only one handle bar left. I was just a few feet away from ringing the bell to complete the obstacle, and I was halfway through the eight-mile race. It sounded like a loud snap when the tendon broke. It was very painful.

I ran the rest of the race but anything that required my right bicep, I couldn’t do. The pain was constant. Needless to say, I almost gave up but I pushed forward. I finished the race and won my age group. The race was in Chicago, but since I live in South Florida, I didn’t want anything done up there. I knew my bicep tendon was, at least, partially torn.

When you have a complete bicep tendon tear, it actually shrivels up like a lamp shade. This tear forms at the bottom of the bicep and you get what they call, a “Popeye deformity.” The tendon rolled up and created a lump in my bicep. It felt really weird. This injury was very aggravating and I felt deformed.

I flew back home and five days later I got a referral to see Dr. Jonathan Hersch and he was able to fit me in that same day; I was in Dr. Hersch’s office just two hours later.

My appointment with Dr. Hersch was on a Thursday and I was on the surgery schedule for the following Tuesday at West Boca Surgery Center, a part of West Boca Medical Center, conveniently on the hospital’s campus. Dr. Hersch’s quick scheduling was critical to my care because there is a time frame that you need to repair the bicep tendon. If the tendon misses the timeline to be repaired it will start to disintegrate and there’s nothing to work with to re-attach it to the bone. The surgery with Dr. Hersch went very well.

To fix this bicep bubble, an orthopaedic surgeon needs to make an incision to grab the tendon and then pull it back to the bone. During that time, you need to be really careful not to break whatever mending that’s already taken place.

As expected, my repaired bicep was very sensitive at first. It healed nicely and everyone at Dr. Hersch’s office was very happy with the result, including me. This injury really progressed nicely day-by-day since then.

Three weeks after my surgery, I was doing small isometric exercises with my repaired bicep. Little by little I could see the mobility and the strength coming back to my bicep. At nine weeks post-surgery, I started doing low weight bicep curls. At ll-weeks post-surgery, I was already doing 35 lb. dumbbell curls with my repaired bicep at a Boca Raton gym where I have a membership. I was obsessed with getting my bicep fixed so I could get back to competing. My priorities in life are to stay fit and compete. I enjoy it. By staying in shape and competing, it forces me to be disciplined, which reflects in my diet and overall health.

My family is super impressed with the care I received from Dr. Jonathan Hersch.