Sandy’s Story

Sandy Jacobs, Active Member and Recording Secretary at Her Temple, Fundraiser for Charitable Organization.

For over a year, I was suffering from a nagging pain due to arthritis in my right shoulder. I was taking pain medication and doing anything to relieve the pain but nothing seemed to be working to reduce the discomfort I was feeling. Eventually, I had to start taking cortisone shots but those only stopped the agony I was in on a daily basis. The aching was something I could live with but would eventually affect my quality of life, I needed an orthopaedic surgeon who could fix my hurt shoulder.

Although I am a Delray Beach resident, I found Dr. Jonathan Hersch, an orthopaedic surgeon in Boca Raton and near the campus of West Boca Medical Center. From the get go, Dr. Hersch was very nice and caring, and his office staff was wonderful. During a consultation in his office, Dr. Hersch explained the plan he had for me, which included total shoulder replacement surgery. Deciding to have Dr. Hersch perform the surgery was one of the best choices I made. From the time I came out of anesthesia, until today, I haven’t had pain in my right shoulder.

I was in West Boca Medical Center a total of three days. The staff was terrific and everything was wonderful. Dr. Hersch’s PBHNPG office arranged everything. They scheduled my physical therapy, at home for five weeks. Then, I saw a nurse for five weeks and a medical aid for an additional five weeks. Today, I feel terrific. I am doing just about all the things I could do before the surgery.

After healing, I was going to Dr. Hersch’s office periodically until I was cleared to resume activity. I have never had a problem since so I don’t have to visit Dr. Hersch’s office anymore. I will say though, going into his office was always a pleasant experience and they don’t keep you waiting forever, which is really nice. My husband, Howard, thought the surgery went beautifully.

I was an office manager and an administrative assistant during my working career. We lived in Massachusetts and moved here in 1999. I have been retired for 17 years. Today, I love the water and water aerobics.

I am also a very active member of Temple Anshei Shalom in Delray Beach. I work as the recording secretary on the executive board at Temple Anshei Shalom. I am also active in Hadassah, a Jewish Women’s Zionist organization, focusing on fundraising for our charitable organization.

I am really happy Dr. Hersch was able to get me back in the swing of things I love most – spending time with my husband Howard, family, my temple and support of Hadassah. Today, it’s nice to know I can hop in the pool and participate in water aerobics, while experiencing no pain.