Palm Beach Health Network Physician Groups (PBHNPG), a division of Tenet Healthcare Corporation, is a multi-specialty physician group that has provided care to the Palm Beach County community since 2007. PBHNPG physicians, including primary care, specialists and sub specialists, have cared for over 719,000 patients across various medical and surgical specialties. Our award winning physicians provide a level of expertise that has resulted in regional firsts and outstanding patient outcomes. We have many times presented clinical options for very sick patients when others could not. This network of 100 plus physicians, supported by a team of clinical and administrative professionals, maintain s 518,000 visits annually with net revenues of $97 million. PBHNPG physicians and staff are committed to delivering high quality care. Our mission is to improve the life of every patient who enters our doors. Today, we are proud to be one of the largest and most respected physician networks in the area.


  • Multiple medical and surgical specialties
  • Over 100 physicians including specialists, subspecialists and primary care doctors
  • More than 719,000 patients
  • Approximately 518,000 visits annually
  • Partner with 5 Award Winning Tenet hospitals of the Palm Beach Health Network
  • Offices throughout Palm Beach County.

When you select Palm Beach Health Network Physician Groups for your healthcare, you benefit from outstanding clinical expertise, the highest quality care possible and a sharp focus on patient convenience. That is our commitment to care. That is our commitment to you.