Donna’s Story

I had a place on the top of my head they said was cancerous and it turns out it was sebaceous edema carcinoma. It grew very quickly and I needed to get it removed as it was very painful. Simply by combing my hair it was sore. I thought it might be a pimple or something to that nature and my boss and my daughter who could see the top of my head better than I could, said please go get it looked at just in case. I did get it looked at by a dermatologist who took a biopsy and deemed it was cancerous. My insurance company led me to my oncologist, who then led me to Dr. Kimmerle Cohen, my surgical oncologist.

Dr. Cohen has such a grace about her and such gentleness combined with compassion and professionalism. I felt very safe and comfortable in her care. There could be no other surgeon for me at that time. I believe it was divine intervention. I’m just a believer in that. The ladies in Dr. Cohen’s office have gone above and beyond for me in each and every visit. They’ve helped me in countless ways; like search out a doctor in another field or look up my insurance for me. They go above and beyond for me every time I go there. Dr. Cohen and her staff treat me like I’m a family member. Again, she has the greatest staff, Theresa and Carmen, I love them heart and soul!

My daughter who is with me today, is of course very grateful as well as are my sons, they’re very grateful that Dr. Kimmerle Cohen is the doctor that removed the sebaceous edema carcinoma from my head. If I could shout out from the mountaintops I would recommend Dr. Kimmerle Cohen! Dr. Cohen walked me through every aspect of everything she was going to do. She never sugar coated anything. Dr. Cohen used all her compassion. I would’ve never wanted to choose another doctor except for her.

Dr. Cohen is a wonderful surgeon; she performed surgery on my head. I did a lot more research on Dr. Cohen and found she’s just exemplary to a lot of people. I’ve read the websites and I’ve seen how she’s helped people and I for one, am thankful that God put her in my life. I had surgery at Good Samaritan Medical Center. The nurses there were spot on. I even got my own room, I wasn’t expecting that, even the food was good contrary to the myths you hear about hospital food, I am a big eater and that’s another one of my hobbies I should’ve mentioned earlier. I highly recommend Good Samaritan Medical Center as well as Dr. Kimmerle Cohen, my doctor.

Dr. Cohen took away the pain from the nasty bumps on my head. That pain was the most horrific pain I’ve ever endured in my life. I worked every day. I showed up at work every day with those things on my head. I could not take a narcotic pain pill because I was driving for a company. Today, I feel I went from feeling ugly to beautiful. I felt every day if I needed Dr. Cohen to tell me I’ll be OK she would’ve taken my phone call. She helped me believe that I would’ve a chance to be OK and I highly recommend Dr. Cohen. I love Dr. Kimmerle Cohen. Heart, body and soul, I just love her.