To Be Extraordinary

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Confident-doctor-in-front-of-group-1-768x513At Palm Beach Health Network Physician Groups, our organization is like a riverbed, made up of thousands of tiny pebbles. Though seemingly ordinary, each pebble is unique — they differ in color and size, and of makeup and materials. Yet when fitted together, side by side, they form the foundation of a strong, rushing river.

Similarly, employees of Palm Beach Health Network Physician Groups come from different walks of life and have different talents and abilities. We can accomplish only so much on our own. But when we work together, we can achieve something spectacular.

Our employees are our foundation. It is because of their dedication and effort that we have been able to expand the reach of our services. When you think about it, what we do is really quite extraordinary. Thousands of people depend on us for healthcare services and we, in turn, have the opportunity to improve their wellbeing and leave a lasting impression on their lives.


We are committed to developing strength-based leadership skills in all of our employees and to providing a positive work environment that fosters a culture of innovation. When all members of the Tenet Florida Physician Services team are working to their highest potential, it makes us more effective as an organization. It makes our foundation of pebbles that much stronger. That is our commitment to our employees. That is our commitment to you.

If you are committed to care and are ready to make a difference, if you are ready for the challenge and to be among some of the best, we could be the place for you.